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Tay's Dungeoneering Guide

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To start dungeoneering click the skills tab and click dungeoneering once there a new tab will appear a ring tab click on it and form party


If you are playing with friends you can then invite them by clicking on invite player an entering there name


You can also choose how hard the dungeon is the harder it is the more Tokens and XP you receive 


When you are ready talk to Thok an click start dungeoneering

You will be teleported into the Dungeon, once in the dungeon you can buy some supplies from the store

Once ready go through the first portal and kill all the enemies before proceeding through the next portal.

You can keep weapons and armor dropped by the enemies by right clicking and pressing bind.



Armor & Weapons: Novite(1) > Bathus (10) > Marmaros (20) > Kratonite (30) > Fractite (40) > Zephyrium (50) > Argonite (60) > Katagon (70) > Gorgonite (80) > Promethium (90) > Primal (99)

Food inside the Dungeon:

Food: Heim Crab > Red eye > Dusk eel > Giant flatfish > Short-finned eel > Web snipper > Bouldabass > Slave eel > Blue crab > Cave moray




(Remember you can use Double XP weekends and Well of Goodwill)



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