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My staff app :D

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In-Game Username:




Country & Timezone: 

Australia timezone AEST

Average Time Played Per Day: 

6-11 hours

What days of the week can you play:

all days of the week

When did you join Artex?:

Wednesday 10th 2018

Have you had any breaks from Artex:


What is your previous experiences as a staff member online:

ive been an helper/mod on other severs

Why do you want to be a ArtexV2 Staff member? (200 Words MIN.)

well for starters ill be spending most of my hours on the sever :D so ill be able to help anyone as best as i can and helping people is just something i find fun and enjoyable.

and i understand this isnt 200 words min im sorry im bad with words :/

What are the Top 5 Qualities a staff member should have?:





be calm

Have you ever been punished on Artex?:

no i havent

If yes to the above question why and when?


If you received this rank would you devote hours to playing?:

its all i'd be doing :D

What would you do if someone was spamming?:

ask them to stop nicely if they continue after 1-3 warnings mute for 10-30 minutes

What would you do if someone was Flaming?:

ask them to calm down and resolve it in a calm matter 

What would you do if someone was being rude on the Forums?:

first i'd read why the reason theyre being rude then talk to them and try and calm them down if it doesnt work inform forum staff

What would you do if you were informed or found out about duped items?

i'd send it to higher ups and ask for the items and empty them to take them out of the game if allowed by higher ups

What would you do if someone was selling items in the Help Clan Chat?:

as long its not spammed and get out of control its okay

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Heya Qe! 

I've spoken a lot with you on the server today and you seem like a very nice person in general. Even though I have to admit the application itself is lacking in certain points (not using a lot of words, but writing words so you have more text isn't good either) I still think you will be a very good choice for staff!

The best of luck man, you got my +1.

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Thanks Dab means a lot and yeah i understand my app wasn't the best but i tried aha :')


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Support this app.

Qe has a continual play time and is a great contributor to our game.

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