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Server Updates [3/30/18]

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A Few Of These Came in The Forced Update
days Back But Hadnt Been Posted
Bug Updates
-Runecraft 5k Bloods Re-named 8k Bloods
-Ironmen Unable To Use Druid Secondary Shop Fixed
-Infernal Capes Tradable Fixed
-Puro-Puro Wrong Teleport Fixed
-Ironmen Not Allowed To Use Tokkul Shop Fixed
-Serpentine Helm Not Poisoning NPC's Fixed
-Sell All Option Counting As 1 Item Fixed
-Auth Trivia Question Fixed
-Twisted Bow Having Shortbow Speed Fixed
-Titles Allowing Staff Names Removed
-Stackable Items Being Lost On Death Fixed

NPC Updates
-Trivia Shop Added To ::shops
-Boss Point Shop Added To ::shops
-All 3 Dagganoth Kings Count Towards The Slayer Task
-Giant Mole Buffed
-Callisto Combat Script Added
-Crazy Archeoligist Combat Script Added
-Chaos Fanatic Combat Script Added
-Vorkath Buffed (1850/18500 HP And Higher Range Defence)
-Leaving Zulrah Fixed Wont Dc Anymore
-Summoning And Vengeance Are Allowed At Vorkath

Miscellaneous Updates
-Teleblock Prevents Wilderness Obelisk Usage
-New Evil Tree Locations
-Shooting Star Maximum In Rock Lowered
-New Shooting Star Locations
-NPC's Added To Teleport To Shooting Star And Evil Tree
-Multiplier Increased For PVP Killstreaks
-Mining Ores And Finding Gems Added For ::filter
-Right Click Option To Teleport To Target (Mandrith NPC)
-::removelevelup Added To Remove Chat Box Dialogue On level Up
-Mage Bank Wilderness Teleport Added
-Well Of Wealth Added (Increased Drop Rate)

Drop Updates
-200m Drop At Mole Lowered To 50m
-Trickster Drops Show Globally

Donator Updates
-::dizone Changed To ::dzone2

Shop Updates
-Extend Slayer Task Scroll Given Shop Value
-Jad Pet Increased To 500k Tokkul
-Tokkul Shop Prices Changed
-Pernix Added To Donator Shop
-New Blood Money Shop
-Handcannon Shots At NMZ Increased To 10 Points

Item Updates
-Trickster Gloves Buffed
-Battle-mage Gloves Buffed
-Dragon Hunter Crossbow Buffed On Dragons
-Dragon Armor Lumps/Shards Are Sellable
-Abyssal Dagger Stats Changed
-Ancestral Stats Buffed
-Twisted Bow Now Has Special
-Twisted Bow Slowed Down Too Propper Speed
-Blowpipe Now 1 hit spec and heals hp
-Blowpipe now propper animation
-magma blowpipe now proper animation
-magma blowpipe now hits x2 when spec
-Turqouise Slayer Helm Added
-vorkath Helm added
-New Avas Assember added
-new dfs added (vorkath drop )

Skilling Updates
-Woodcutting XP Changed
-Bones XP Changed
-Crashed Star XP Changed
-Mining XP Changed
-Fishing XP Changed
-Firemaking XP Changed
-Cooking XP Changed

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