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  1. Artex Official Youtube Chanel

    Artex RSPS Youtube Channel
  2. Road To Max Episode 1

    Hey guys, I decided to make a FRESH account for a YouTube series I have in mind, any feedback will be appreciated! <3
  3. Loot from 20 Mystery Boxes!

    Hey guys, just a quick video to show you the type of loot you can expect to get from opening Mystery Boxes, rewards seem very nice, and with a fairly decent rate of hitting something good!
  4. Hi all, just a quick post on how you guys can use the forums using BB codes to make your posts look good! (you must remove the spaces at the start in the examples I have posted.) Spoilers These are the most useful to shorten down threads, and keep them looking nice and clean! Example: Images [ img] (insert link here) [ /img] Sometimes you only need the [ img]. (Make sure the link ends in a .png / .jpeg) Example : Videos Just post the share link of the said YouTube video. Example : I hope this has helped people new to forums to add there pictures, videos, or even just make there threads look nice & clean!
  5. Coloured keys guide Keys: Crystal key: Type ::home2 to tele to varrock, they chest is east of the varrock square. https://imgur.com/a/Y2SOT Pink key: Go to teleports, wilderness teleports, ice plateau, run south-east to the lava maze and get to the middle of the maze. https://imgur.com/a/vjXfP Red key: Go to teleports, wilderness teleports, ice plateau, run south till you see a alter. https://imgur.com/a/HdbAQ Blue key: First of all make sure u take a lockpick, Teleport to wilderness agility course, run north-east to the pirates hideout. (If you are not 55 agility, teleport to scorpia boss and run west.) https://imgur.com/a/SLaUd Yellow key: Go to teleports, Wilderness teleports, Wilderness castle, run north to the bandit camp. https://imgur.com/a/NmHTN Green key: Go to teleports, wilderness teleports, chaos alter. https://imgur.com/a/fxQso Orange key: Go to teleports, Wilderness teleports, zombie graveyard, run north the ruins. https://imgur.com/a/LyCRS
  6. WildyWyrm guide

    WildyWyrm Guide Gear to bring Spawns+fastest way to get there How to kill it Drops GEAR TO BRING: You recommend bringing ranged gear to WildyWyrm, you decide how much you wanna risk. ITS IN WILDY SO DONT RISK TO MUCH. : Recommended inventory (this is what i prefer) And since its in wildy you can also bring some mage gear and runes so when you're getting pked you will be able to freeze him and run, or even kill him. Ofcourse you decide what gear you bring but this is what i prefer: SPAWNS + FASTEST WAY TO GET THERE: There are four spawn places for WildyWyrm: 1. West of KBD entrance Click on teleports - wilderness - ice plateau 2. Wildy agility course Click on skilltab - click on agility - wilderness course (50 wildy) 3. Bandit camp Go to teleports - wilderness - wilderness castle 4. DMM zone (donor+ only) This place is only for donors. Teleport to ::dzone - talk to deadman walking - tele to deadman multi skilling zone (you spawn next to it) YOU CAN GET KILLED VERY EASY IN THERE. HOW TO KILL IT: You have to pray protect range. It's almost not possible to solo it so bring a friend. The WW has 5500 hp and hits you pretty often. The more people you bring, the easier it is to kill it. Steel titans won't attack it, you can bring it incase some tries to kill you ofcourse. Drops: Wildywyrm drops alot of good stuff, if u wanna see the drops ingame type ::drop wildywyrm. But here is a list of the best from the rare drop table: - Pet jad - Elder maul - Trickstar gear - Blood necklace - Korasi - mbox and legendary mbox (mystery box) - Vine whip - Magma blowpipe - Battle-mage gear - Dragon Hunter Crossbow - Third-age range set - Dragonic visage This was my WyldyWyrm guide, i hope it helped you. If you have any feedback for this guide please let me know, this is one of my first guides I've made. Also it's possible i made some grammar mistakes so I'm sorry for that. There is going to be a command to check where the Wyrm currently is, I will update the post once the command has been added.
  7. Welcome to my 99 summoning guide! Requirements for fastest way to 99: Blood barrage A cannon Plenty of runes for barrage and cannon balls *Not required* Pray, or restore pots, for magic prayer Charming imp To start off you will need to set your charming imp to have all charms convert in exp. To do this simply right click on the charming imp and click configure. You have to configure ever charm, configuring one does not automatically configure them all. So convert all gold, green, crimson, and blue charms to be converted into exp. Next you will need to click your spell book icon, and proceed to click the T for training, then click rock crabs. This will teleport you to a multi rock crab training area. You will end up in the spot that I am in the photo below. Then walk a little east and place your cannon around the spot that I am at in the photo below. After you have placed your cannon fill it with cannon balls and simply afk with blood barrage. It can vary on how long it will take you to get 99, but it should be around 30 minutes to a hour for 99. Notable drops from rock crabs: Caskets(usually full of decent loot) Tooth half of a key Starved ancient effigies Thanks and hope you enjoyed that guide!
  8. Tay's Agility Guide

    Thought of making one since there is none. First you'll start at the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course. How to get there: Skilling Tab > Agility> Gnome Course You'll train here until level 35. Once you reach level 35 you'll want to go to the Barbarian Outpost Course. How to get there: Skilling Tab > Agility> Barbarian Outpost You'll train here until level 52. After level 52 is Wilderness Course (50 Wilderness). How to get there: Skilling Tab > Agility> Wilderness Course (PVP Enabled) you'll want to train here until level 99. This one is in the wilderness so you shouldn't bring anything on you... if you still don't want to train in the wilderness you can train at the Barbarian Outpost Course until level 99.
  9. Tay's' WC Guide

    Firemaking Guide Level Requirements Logs - Level 1 Oak Logs - Level 15 Willow Logs - Level 30 Teak Logs - Level 35 Maple Logs - Level 45 Mahogany Logs - Level 50 Yew Logs - Lisn'tevel 60 Magic Logs - Level 75 EXP Rates Getting Started To get started, go to you're skills tab then click on firemaking and talk to Ignatius Vulcan the guy show above. From him you can buy the logs and the tinderbox! You have one option to train firemaking currently. Which is using a tinderbox on the logs. Rewards Firemaking isn't known for its rewards, unfortunately. However, you can use fires to cook food from fishing so that you can eat it and regain hitpoints.