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  1. One thing that pretty much everyone asks me, and everyone definitely wants to know is how to make money on singularis, whether it is a newcomer who just wants his whip, or an old player that needs to make bills. In this guide, I will try to outline some of the better methods I have encountered for profit, that can be used for all occasions. Voting I will start off with voting for money (ofc because I just want you to vote to boost our popularity) as it is often the easiest way to make a quick buck. Voting can be done by going to the website www.singularisv2.com/vote , by clicking the VOTE at the top of the forums, or typing ::vote in-game. This will take you to the voting screen where you type your in-game name as you can see here (quick shout out to me for being top voter). And after you will be on a screen where you can vote on 7 individual sites for up to 7 vote scrolls in-game. You also have a chance of obtaining extra voting rewards at random, so far the ones I have received are: extra vote scrolls (5 at a time), and legendary mystery boxes. The vote scrolls can be exchanged for 500k + 1 vote point each, or 5 minutes of 40% bonus exp. Alternatively you can sell vote scrolls to other players. Personally, I would price each vote scroll at roughly 2.5m each, as you can exchange 12 of these for a fury (alchs for 25m), which makes the points worth 2m each (+ change), and you also receive 500k for exchanging the scroll (2 + 0.5 = 2.5m quik maaths). Other notable vote rewards are whips (10 points each), legendary mystery boxes (regular ones are just bad), tokhaar cape, ovls, and in-game donation scrolls. Personally, I would purchase a fury, tokhaar cape and then save for donation scrolls, but to each their own. Starter cash Starter cash is always the most awkward to get, as most of the good money making methods have some requirements. However, saying that, in singularis one thing to know is that skilling suplies are worth a ton. For example have a look at the prices of bars and gems: 1) Resource gathering skills Resource gathering skills in this game are very profitable. At higher levels you can be making somewhere in the 10s of millions per hour with most afk skills, and you can even make some good profits at lower levels. As you can see, uncut gems are worth significantly more than their cut counterparts (aside from diamonds). Bars are just worth an absurd amount. Other skilling supplies such as ores (ie rune being worth 20k), logs (yews, magics), bones (dragon+), Even raw fish are worth more than their cooked counterparts. So just by looking at this you can tell that most resource gathering skills are quite profitable. To make a steel bar you need 30 smithing and 1 iron ore (no coal required), and that's worth near 16k, and this can be done super early on. You also receive skilling points for this, which can be exchanged for more supplies, cosmetics or some useful items (exp boosting/skilling gear, lamps, even a death touch dart). Notable skills for this include: fishing, mining, smelting (not smithing), woodcutting, farming. 2) Thieving This is pretty much self explanatory. Thieving is basically a quick money making method in any server. Compared to many other money making methods this does not hold its own very well, but regardless if you need to make a quick 1m or so, thieving is probably the way to go! All you need for this is to click on stalls at home, and sell the items to the merchant standing a few steps away ezpz. 3) Monster killing Now I know lots of you did not come to play a rsps just to sit there hours a day thieving for cash, and just want to go slay. This one is self explanatory, there aren't too many low level monsters that will just drop millions per kill, however during general slayer, looting any items like rune armour, runes, red vine worms (14k each), instantly alchemy scrolls (50k each), will over time add up to quite a lot of cash. Personally I would always have space in my inventory for red vine worms and instant alch scrolls as they are stackable and all monsters drop them, they add up over a short period of time. Other items like dragon equips (med helms, legs, skirts, scims) sell for a little more, so take alchs with you on any slayer task :D. 4) Metal dragons Under the dungeons teleport you can find metal dragon dungeons (just a glorified tele to drags at brimhaven), where you will find Bronze, Iron, Steel, Adamant and Rune dragons, each dropping noted versions of their respective bars. As you can see earlier, bars are worth a good amount, and they are a 100% drop. None of these monsters are particularly difficult at all, especially with an antidragon shield and protect melee. Alternatively, you can range from a distance with protect mage (no antidragon shield required) and they will do peasant damage to you. You can pretty much do a whole invent on 3-4 food. Not to mention, dragon bones and the other rune/dragon pieces (+ visage) that they drop can also be alched or sold for some money. Win-win-WIN. 5) Ironman points This one is specific for ironmen, when you kill monsters, or mine essence, you will occasionally receive ironman points (more points for higher level monsters). These points can be exchanged for random things that will help you progress your ironman a little faster, such as food and pots, skilling supplies, gear etc. For 3 skilling points you can purchase a red vine worm, worth about 14k, which prices the points at about 5k each. You get them fairly often even when killing low level monsters, so this can be added onto the profits from 3). Mid-Late game At this stage you should be aware of more ways of making money, most of which being similar to any other game pretty much, but just to outline some of the better ways that I personally have experienced. 1) Lizardman shamans This cheeky little bugger may be a fairly difficult boss to kill if you are using melee, however just sit back, protect mage and use some nice ruby bolts and he will be down before he even lifts a finger. Pretty much the only requirements for him is 37 prayer, 61+ range, and maybe a few sharks. The drop checker shows that at 1% droprate (1/100) he can drop a dragon warhammer (worth 120m) or an energy sword (50m). These both can be sold to other players for more, or used as they are decent weapons - Dwh as a PvM spec wep, and the energy sword is slightly better than a chaotic rapier. However, these aren't the main drops you will be hunting for. If you observe the uncommon (6.7%) and rare (2.5%) tables, you can see that two of the drops include 3500 swamp tar or 250 noted addy bars. These are fairly common drops and worth $$$. In about 100 kills i had something like 300m, without any of the 1% drops! 2) Other PvM bosses Every boss has its own notable drops that are worth a decent bunch, and a few other common items that add up over time. Ranging from the weak bosses (looking at you pleb giant mole) to the more difficult (Nexus anus) there are all sorts of pvm "challenges" for you to undertake, which you will be rewarded if you persevere. Killing something like the bandos avatar for a chance at primal, blood reavers for drygores, Nex for t80 gear, Venenatis for dragonbone etcetc etccc, you can obviously get some serious cash if you get lucky. Corp/nex have really good drop rates (set at 2.5% for most of their good drops). So gather a friend or two, do some lootsharing in your own cc and rack up that huge stack! 3) High level skilling (picture taken from Iron's ingame true mining level :)) This is self explanatory if you read the earlier section on resource gathering skills. Spend some time mining rune and coals to make some rune bars, and you will make some serious cash pretty quickly, plus all those sweet skilling points that can be spent on deathtouched darts... 4) Staff bosses Now you know how earlier i mentioned those deathtouched darts..? Well you'll probably need them if you want to tackle these fierce demons (looking at you GOoDY GOoDStWR ). These particular 3 bosses are named after our amazing staff (except me - literally 5minutes after I posted this Goods decided to make me one hahahaha) and they are FIERCE. You will need a staff boss room token (dropped by any monster, fairly rare) to enter the place once, so if you do not have a spare one ready incase you die, you WILL lose your items, so be extra careful. If you are just going to use death darts to kill a few, then you'll probably be fine, however if you decide to truly tackle them head on then be prepared - and by that I don't mean go in with a whip and some barrows gear... nono, this is more of an end-game boss. Now for the rewards, basically get ready. Each boss has access to a special drop table that was custom made by the GOoDStER, and can drop you supply items - runite ores, death/blood runes, stardust etcetc. and for some of these items there's a chance of it dropping ALOT. Like, a trip of 10 death darts will make you on average about 80m? (Needs more testing for an accurate figure). Now as well as this, you have a chance of dropping Primal armour pieces (Helm, Plate and Legs specifically, gloves and boots are from dungeoneering/donator stores), as well as sagittarian range gear, and dragonbone mage armour pieces. Each one drops the piece that (s)he is wearing, like Iron (moi) drops primal legs, sagi hat and dragonbone mage top. Donating Obviously this goes without saying, but if you have some dolla dolla bills to spend on in-game items, this is probably the easiest way of making money. You can donate for donator statuses, as well as items too. Now obviously if you just donate for items you can get as much gold as you want by just pumping more money in, however I do want to give a quick shout out to the donator zones (to keep this short I will only go over alternative money making methods from these places, not all the good benefits). At ::dz1 (available to all that have donated $5 and above, including those that purchased in-game donation scrolls) you have access to noted iron and coal ores, which can be afked for hours if you are in possession of a gem bag. If you afk to the max, you will receive around 5k ores, 200ish gems and about 2000 skilling points (will be decreased soon as this is a little too OP). Now overnight you can make some decent gold. At ::dz (accessible to all donators) you can thieve the runite stall with 95 thieving, which gives a rune armour piece and sometimes rune (g). Also, at ::dz, for those who are silver donators ($35+) you have access to a new training zone, which have terror dogs and puppies that drop noted frost dragon bones as well as the rare legendary mystery boxes. (yuck) At ::dz2 there is a noted rune bar ore, where you can mine rune bars directly - yeah exactly. This one isn't afk but still, 100k per mine, yes please. That's all for the donator money making methods that I personally know of, as they are the only ones I have access to. And that's it folks. Have a good time on this server, good luck making money and if you have any comments or questions - don't bother asking me...
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  3. Sup guys, since the other thread is incomplete, I'll be making this thread, showcasing the new clue scroll rewards, and locations of where to dig. First off, clue scrolls are dropped by pretty much any monster in-game, with higher levels dropping them more often, so kill monsters and you'll get yourself some clues. You can also have multiple clue scrolls at the same time, although if you have multiple caskets in your invent and you open one, all of them are opened together. In order to complete the clues, you will need a spade. There are only dig clues, and currently no anagrams puzzles etc. Locations: Dig near the tele to get chaotics: Click on the dungeoneering skill in the skilling tab > teleport. Dig near one of the slayer masters: Click on the slayer skill in the skilling tab > vannaka. Dig in the cave with the giant bird: Boss teleports > Phoenix. Dig in the area where you might see a fisherman: city teleports > piscatoris fishing colony Dig near the first few crawling hands: click on the slayer skill > slayer tower. Dig near the fourth minigame teleport: Minigame teles > pest control Did in the area where people plant flowers: gamble/chill > castle wars Dig somewhere in Varrock: City teleports > Varrock Dig near the mining teleport: Click on the mining skill in skill tab > Mining guild Dig somewhere near the duel arena tele: ::da Rewards: And that's it! Good luck hunting P.S. I will be editing as new clues/rewards come out.