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  1. It's honestly been a while since I've been in the RSPS scene maybe over a year but I believe the largest server I was an admin on was around 80 players not very huge. As far as connections and attributes go for helping the community. I know a lot of people throughout the RSPS industry even to this day. Many people that I can go to and get advice from and perhaps even ideas an supplies to better Artex itself. But overall It's really my drive that I think in the end stands me out from most. I have a really big passion for this server an i'll stop at nothing to better it no matter what position I am or role.
  2. As I've said I have owned an developed my own server but that is not what i'd be doing in this role. I'd be managing the community and helping it gain players while keeping the current playerbase satisfied. I've had this type of role before as well as admin etc. on quite a few servers.
  3. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone involved in Artex from the hard work that Oaky and Goody put in almost everyday to bringing updates and fixes to the server they truly are great guys and owners. Also, I would like to thank the great staff team that is currently employed on Artex they are good set of guys an have been doing a great job lately.. Keep it up we appreciate you. And lastly I wanna thank all of you the players you guys are basically the only reason all of this is possible an you guys are all unique an amazing. Hope you all have a good day! ~Tayy
  4. In-Game Username: Tayy Age: 19 Country & Timezone: United States of America / PST Average Time Played Per Day: 10 Hours What days of the week can you play: Everyday When did you join Artex?: ArtexV2 Launch Have you had any breaks from Artex: No What is your previous experiences as a staff member online: I've owned one server that I had for around 4 months but didn't have time back then so stopped it. Maxed out at around 20 players. I've been administrator, moderator and support on a vast list of servers. Why do you want to be a ArtexV2 Staff member? (200 Word MIN.) This community, game and it's players have a deep meaning to me and if you asked me why I wouldn't even be able to tell you. But I have a deep passion for this server an I wanna be here when it becomes a top tier server. Because I know that it is possible for this server to be a top tier server. We are a ways down the road but I believe I can be a very helpful aspect to helping it grow and keep stable. As community manager I would do many things in and out of the game. I'd manage social media accounts for Artex as a form of advertisement, I would keep the forums frequently updated with update logs, polls, guides, info and etc. In the game I would make sure everyones time at Artex is above satisfactory an when it isn't I would resolve it while writing it down as a note what is needed to be improved upon or fixed. I would organize and hold bigger events for the community while constantly coming up with ideas for new ones. Above all I believe i'm the person for this as I have such a passion for the community and the server. I'm unhappy with the current state of the server because I know it can and will be so much more. Although I would also never be happy because there is always better. What are the Top 5 Qualities a staff member should have?: - Organized - Manners - Unbiased - Loyalty - Mature Have you ever been punished on Artex?: Yes If yes to the above question why and when? There has been various times where I've been muted for 30 minutes there was a time when I was being a bit of a troll though I am realizing I have a lot more pleasure in being professional and helping the server. If you received this rank would you devote hours to playing?: As many as possible This server is what I do an it's what I like to do. This community is what I help and it's what I like to help. If the decision on this application was a yes there would be results almost immediately. ~Tayy
  5. Artex V2 Wikipedia

    Artex Wiki Recently I've created a Artex Wiki though it is by no means a finished thing as I will always be updating it and adding to it. If you come up with any ideas or want to know more about something just let me know and i'll help you out as well as add it too the wiki. Click on "Artex Wiki" To view it. ~Tayy
  6. Locked due to inactivity and date posted. However I've added it to the staff suggestions list. Thank you
  7. Possible merge?

    Locked thread due to inactivity and subject.. Keeping for historical purposes.
  8. Vote Tickets

    Will add this to the other suggestions, Thank you
  9. Server Updates [3/30/18]

    A Few Of These Came in The Forced Update 2 days Back But Hadnt Been Posted Bug Updates -Runecraft 5k Bloods Re-named 8k Bloods -Ironmen Unable To Use Druid Secondary Shop Fixed -Infernal Capes Tradable Fixed -Puro-Puro Wrong Teleport Fixed -Ironmen Not Allowed To Use Tokkul Shop Fixed -Serpentine Helm Not Poisoning NPC's Fixed -Sell All Option Counting As 1 Item Fixed -Auth Trivia Question Fixed -Twisted Bow Having Shortbow Speed Fixed -Titles Allowing Staff Names Removed -Stackable Items Being Lost On Death Fixed NPC Updates -Trivia Shop Added To ::shops -Boss Point Shop Added To ::shops -All 3 Dagganoth Kings Count Towards The Slayer Task -Giant Mole Buffed -Callisto Combat Script Added -Crazy Archeoligist Combat Script Added -Chaos Fanatic Combat Script Added -Vorkath Buffed (1850/18500 HP And Higher Range Defence) -Leaving Zulrah Fixed Wont Dc Anymore -Summoning And Vengeance Are Allowed At Vorkath Miscellaneous Updates -Teleblock Prevents Wilderness Obelisk Usage -New Evil Tree Locations -Shooting Star Maximum In Rock Lowered -New Shooting Star Locations -NPC's Added To Teleport To Shooting Star And Evil Tree -Multiplier Increased For PVP Killstreaks -Mining Ores And Finding Gems Added For ::filter -Right Click Option To Teleport To Target (Mandrith NPC) -::removelevelup Added To Remove Chat Box Dialogue On level Up -Mage Bank Wilderness Teleport Added -Well Of Wealth Added (Increased Drop Rate) Drop Updates -200m Drop At Mole Lowered To 50m -Trickster Drops Show Globally Donator Updates -::dizone Changed To ::dzone2 Shop Updates -Extend Slayer Task Scroll Given Shop Value -Jad Pet Increased To 500k Tokkul -Tokkul Shop Prices Changed -Pernix Added To Donator Shop -New Blood Money Shop -Handcannon Shots At NMZ Increased To 10 Points Item Updates -Trickster Gloves Buffed -Battle-mage Gloves Buffed -Dragon Hunter Crossbow Buffed On Dragons -Dragon Armor Lumps/Shards Are Sellable -Abyssal Dagger Stats Changed -Ancestral Stats Buffed -Twisted Bow Now Has Special -Twisted Bow Slowed Down Too Propper Speed -Blowpipe Now 1 hit spec and heals hp -Blowpipe now propper animation -magma blowpipe now proper animation -magma blowpipe now hits x2 when spec -Turqouise Slayer Helm Added -vorkath Helm added -New Avas Assember added -new dfs added (vorkath drop ) Skilling Updates -Woodcutting XP Changed -Bones XP Changed -Crashed Star XP Changed -Mining XP Changed -Fishing XP Changed -Firemaking XP Changed -Cooking XP Changed
  10. 1B Capes Poll

    1B Xp Capes About If we were to have 1B capes which is a real possibility they would most likely all have bonuses to them small bonuses that benefit the skill you have that 1B XP in though there would not be combat ones as those are easy to get an are already good meele capes. Let us know what you think and vote on the poll below!
  11. Are you interested in being a staff member here at ArtexV2? Copy & Paste & Fill out the template below in a new thread post under "In-game Applications" In-Game Username: Age: Country & Timezone: Average Time Played Per Day: What days of the week can you play: When did you join Artex?: Have you had any breaks from Artex: What is your previous experiences as a staff member online: Why do you want to be a ArtexV2 Staff member? (200 Word MIN.) What are the Top 5 Qualities a staff member should have?: Have you ever been punished on Artex?: If yes to the above question why and when? If you received this rank would you devote hours to playing?: What would you do if someone was spamming?: What would you do if someone was Flaming?: What would you do if someone was being rude on the Forums?: What would you do if you were informed or found out about duped items? What would you do if someone was selling items in the Help Clan Chat?: Thank you for being interested in being a part of the ArtexV2 Staff community. Have a good day!
  12. Support

    Support Have you recently came across a problem with the server or the forums and you don't know what to do? Well you're now in the right place, for any problems your having with the server or forums post it here in the Support Topic Either a staff member or community member will get to you as soon as possible. Although, if it's an emergency feel free to pop in the discord and personally message a staff member on there. As always enjoy ArtexV2!
  13. Lit's Introduction

    Welcome to the community!
  14. EBK 𝓒𝓵𝓪𝓷 EBK Clan is a Multi/Single PKing clan that goes wherever there is loot Team Leaders 𝓣𝓪𝔂𝔂 Team Moderators N/A Team Veterans N/A Team Recruits N/A Requirements Time played above 15 hours Discord 100M Entry Fee To Prevent BSERS Working Mic Decent PK Gear Application Format IGN: Name: Age: Country: Timezone: Time Played: Discord User: PKing Experience: About you: As always Happy Hunting ~ Tayy
  15. Tayy's Dungeoneering Guide To start dungeoneering click the skills tab and click dungeoneering once there a new tab will appear a ring tab click on it and form party BANK ALL YOUR ITEMS If you are playing with friends you can then invite them by clicking on invite player an entering there name You can also choose how hard the dungeon is the harder it is the more Tokens and XP you receive When you are ready talk to Thok an click start dungeoneering You will be teleported into the Dungeon, once in the dungeon you can buy some supplies from the store Once ready go through the first portal and kill all the enemies before proceeding through the next portal. You can keep weapons and armor dropped by the enemies by right clicking and pressing bind. Armor & Weapons: Novite(1) > Bathus (10) > Marmaros (20) > Kratonite (30) > Fractite (40) > Zephyrium (50) > Argonite (60) > Katagon (70) > Gorgonite (80) > Promethium (90) > Primal (99) Food inside the Dungeon: Food: Heim Crab > Red eye > Dusk eel > Giant flatfish > Short-finned eel > Web snipper > Bouldabass > Slave eel > Blue crab > Cave moray (Remember you can use Double XP weekends and Well of Goodwill)