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  1. Possible merge?

    Hello everyone, I don't normally make announcements, but this one is pretty important. I have a friend that owns a very similar server to this one with an active player base of 40 players online and different additions like inferno and vorkath. We're thinking of possibly merging our two servers together. Before this happens I would like to know what you guys think of this possible merge and give me your opinion on it. You guys are the loyal players and what you guys say i'll agree with. Stats will be kept and donator points/rank will be refunded, but banks will be lost and so will points you've earned. If you're an ironman player, then you will receive most if not all of your items back. I realize that you guys have grinded and put in a ton of work on this server and I can't even begin to express how that makes me feel. It just sucks we have such a low player base and the hundreds of dollars a months I shell out for advertisements doesn't seem to help us grow any. If you guys choose to stay on Singularis then i'll continue to push out updates, but i'm in college and working on 5 classes right now so thats also why i've been so inactive recently. The owner of this other server is a great developer and he has a lot of time to work with and push out great updates. If there are things on Singularis that you would like such as our game modes and other content i've added then I can definitely move anything over to that server. I'm hoping that it would be an easy move, but the biggest concern is everyone losing their banks which i'm sure you guys wouldn't want. Right now the people i've asked are 75% for the merge and 25% against it so if you guys could leave your opinions down below, then that would help expedite the process immensely. P.S. If you see this and no one is online then theres a good chance that everyone has moved to the new server. http://artex.live/forums/ Message me on this forums or on the discord for your stats and donator rank/points refunded! I will constantly look for messages so don't worry about getting refunded. Thanks for reading, -Goody
  2. Server Updates [3/9/2018]

    Bug Updates -Kraken Slayer Task Teleport To Wrong Location Fixed -Skill Interface Wrong Text Fixed -Looting Bag Adding Noted Items Into Bank Fixed -Comp Cape Effect Timer Having Unlimited Uses Fixed -Staff Bosses Dropping Wrong Amounts Fixed -Equipment Tab To Show Bonuses Not Showing All Bonuses Fixed NPC Updates -Ironman Thief Removed And Replaced With Iron Bandit -If An NPC Is Aggressive Than Your Combat Level Does Not Effect Non-Aggression (Rock Crabs, Hellhounds Etc) -Kraken Slightly Buffed -Corp Slightly Buffed -Staff Boss Mat Re-named Iron Miscellaneous Updates -Max Hit Stones Added North Of Home -Staff Bosses Re-Released -Formatting Added For Well Of Wealth -Formatting Added For Well Of Goodwill Drop Updates -Corp Drops Buffed -Pet Chaos Fanatic Added -Pet Crazy Archaeologist Added -Venenatis No Longer Drops Dragonbone Mage -Staff Bosses Drop Sagittarian Armor Instead Of Superior Deathlotus -Staff Bosses Drop Dragonbone Mage Armor Master Cape Updates -Master Capes Give A Boost If You Operate (Once Every 5 Minutes) -Master Capes Lowered To 200m Each Object Updates -Tussenlappen Portal Re-named Iron -Test Portal Re-named Domination
  3. Cape Benefits

    Master capes can be operated once every 5 minutes to temporarily increase your current level
  4. Server Updates [3/5/2018]

    Drop Updates -Zenyte Shards Are Slightly More Common -Skeleton Monkeys Drop Bones -Hobgoblins Drop Bones -Cockatrices Drop Bones NPC Updates -Falling Rocks At Kraken Disabled Bug Updates -Herbicide Giving 0 XP Fixed -Cannonballs Not Giving Smithing XP Fixed -Trickster Not Showing As A Global Drop Fixed -Getting A Toolkit From Thieving Fixed -Merchant At Ardougne Not Accepting Items Fixed -Agility Ticket Dialogue Showing Wrong XP For Extreme Fixed -::discord Link Fixed Item Updates -Ice Arrows, Dragon Arrows, And Crystal Arrows Buffed -Zaryte Bow Buffed -Ring Of Wealth (i) Given Stats -God Bows Range Bonus Decreased Miscellaneous Updates -Recipe For Disaster Leave Location Changed -Mined Ore Object Changed -Game Mode Benefits Posted On The Forums
  5. Gamemode Benefits

    Ironman - 2% Drop Rate Increase, increase slayer points Hardcore Ironman - 4% Drop Rate Increase, increase slayer points Ultimate Ironman - 6% Drop Rate Increase, increase slayer points Extreme - 8% Drop Rate Increase, increase slayer points, increased pest control points Extreme Ironman - 10% Drop Rate Increase, increase slayer points, increased pest control points All In One - 15% Drop Rate Increase, increase slayer points
  6. Server Updates [2/28/2018]

    Item Updates -D Kite Given 30M Value -Trading Gem Is Untradable -Zaryte Bow Given 50m Alch Value Bug Updates -Prestige System Allowing Prestige Before 99 At Prayer And HP Fixed -Staff Bosses Dropping An Ignorant Amount Of Runes Fixed -Tiny Bork Named Baby Chin Fixed -Ring Of Wealth Messaged Showing 2 S' Fixed -Dialogue Showing 21 Mining Requirement For Pure Essence Fixed -Cutting Opal Gem Needing 8 Crafting Lowered To 1 -Item Forging Messaged Fixed -Bronze Pickaxe Animation Fixed Achievement Updates -5k Steel Scimitar Achievement Lowered To 3.5k -Steal 10k Times Lowered To Steal 8k Times Boss Updates -Uncle Vlad Given 2 Boss Points -Uncle Vlad Has Higher Respawn Timer -Crazy Scientist Given 2 Boss Points -Necromancer Gives 4 Boss Points -Baby Mancer Pet Added -Little Scientist Pet Added -Baby Vlad Pet Added Drop Updates -All NPC's Drop Effigie's -Necromancer Rare Items Are Slightly More Common -Ironman Thief's Only Drop Noted Steel Platebodys Shop Updates -Coal Lowered To 5 Ironman Points -Ores In Stardust Shop Base Amount Increased Combat Updates -Magick Spells Deal A Minimum Of 75/7.5 Damage For Multi Hits Skilling Updates -Noted Ore Rocks Don't Give Skill Points
  7. Server Updates [2/25/2018]

    Bug Updates -Equip A Partyhat Achievement Fixed -GWD Slayer Staff Teleports Fixed -Clue Scrolls Showing Invalid Items Fixed -Staff Boss Drops Giving Double Loot Fixed Trivia Updates -New Trivia Questions -Yell Title Scroll Lowered To 50 Trivia Points -$5 Donator Scroll Lowered To 250 Trivia Points -Whip, Staff Of Light, And Fighter Torso Lowered To 30 Trivia Points -Bandos And Armadyl Lowered To 100 Points Each -Saradomin Sword Lowered To 60 Trivia Points -VLS Lowered To 80 Trivia Points Vote Updates -Double Vote Scrolls Removed (Returns At The Start Of The New Month) -Crystal Key Lowered To 4 Vote Points -Barrows Sets Lowered To 20 Points Each -Vote Scrolls Give 40% Bonus XP For Ironmen And Regular Players -Vote Scrolls Give 500k Coins For Ironmen And Regular Players Slayer Updates -Uncle Vlad Added To Death Tasks -Necromancer Added To Death Tasks -Crazy Scientist Added To Sumona Tasks -Resetting Your Slayer Task Using Points Doesn't Remove Task Streak -Barrelchest Anchor Removed -Handcannon Shots Increased To 2 Points Each -Ring Of Slaying Increased To 2 Points Each -Death Darts Added -Dagganoth Rings Added Shop Updates -Shop Base Stocks Increased -Chewed Bones Added To Skill Point Shop -New Items Added To Ironman Point Shop 2 -Bonecrusher Removed From Graveyard Shop Miscellaenous Updates -Clue Scroll Rewards Changed -Gilded Added To Clue Scroll Rewards Item Updates -Handcannon Value Reduced To 30m -Ice Arrows Work With The Bow Of Flames Drop Updates -Mithril Dragons No Longer Drop Dark Bows -Mithril Dragons Drop Draconic Visage
  8. Server Updates [2/24/2018]

    Miscellaneous Updates -World Message Sent When You Unlock 500k Loyalty Points/Divine Title -Maxing A Skill Refreshes The Player Panel Client Updates -Gate Removed Near Rag And Bone Man Bug Updates -Woodcutting Store Not Showing Prices Fixed -NPC's Displaying Wrong NPC In Boss Teleports Fixed NPC Updates -NPC's Don't Restore Health Until 30 Seconds Not Being In Combat -Chaos Elemental Does Not Regenerate Health Drop Updates -Chewed Bones Drop More Commonly
  9. Server Updates [2/20/2018]

    Interface Updates -Boss Interface Added -Spellbook Interface Changed -Bosses Removed From Teleport Interface -Minigames Removed From Teleport Interface -Bosses Added To Spellbook Interface -Minigames Added To Spellbook Interface -Drop Table Viewer Updated -Drop Table Viewer Can Search Some NPC's Quicker ("kbd", "kq") Item Updates -Abyssal Bludgeon Buffed -Scythe Is One Handed Client Updates -Fog Command Added To Remove Fog (Console Only) -Crystal Tooth Rock Re-named Noted Iron Ore NPC Updates -Multiple NPC's Removed From Varrock -All NPC's Should Give A Message In The Chat When You Examine Or Search For Them Miscellaneous Updates -Blood Money Multiplier Is Less High For Donators -Blood Money Drops Far Less Coins At Once -Fish 5k Rocktails Changed To Fish 3500 Rocktails -Blood Barrage Heals To 1390 If Wearing Nex Armor -Firecape Gambling Gives Pet And Boxes Slightly More Often Shop Updates -Blood Money Given Value In Shops -Red Vine Worms Added To Ironman Point Shop Skilling Updates -Mining Cape Gives Faster Speed -Master Mining Capes Gives Even Faster Speed -Boosting For Runecrafting Works -Boosting For Crafting Works Bug Updates -Well Of Wealth Not Saving After Server Restart Fixed
  10. Server Updates [2/17/2018]

    Miscellaneous Updates -Well Of Wealth Accepts Stackable Items -Well Of Goodwill Accepts Stackable Items -Player Panel Updates Once Per Minute Bug Updates -Gold Donators Not Being Able To Use ::ytitle Fixed -Abyssal Sire Slayer Teleport Fixed -Venenatis Slayer Teleport Fixed -Infernal Mage Causing Client DC Fixed -Slayer Task Extending Task Fixed Shop Updates -Coal Bag Reduced To 10000 Stardust -Coal Ore Added To Stardust Shop -Adamantite Ore Added To Stardust Shop -Runite Ore Added To Stardust Shop -Brawling Gloves Added To Skill Point Shop -Seedicide Added To Dungeoneering Shop -Herbicide Added To Dungeoneering Shop Drop Updates -Odium Shards Are Slightly More Common -Malediction Shards Are Slightly More Common -All Revenants Can Drop All Brawling Gloves -Steel Platebodies Added To Ironman Thief Drops -Deathlotus Removed From Kraken -Thegoodybandit Drops Deathlotus Legs -Domination Drops Deathlotus Body -Mat Drops Deathlotus Helm NPC Updates -Kraken Can Only Be Killed On A Slayer Task -Kraken Health Lowered From 10k/1000 To 7.5k/750 -NPC Added To Teleport To The Shooting Star -NPC Added To Teleport To The Evil Tree
  11. Server Updates [2/16/2018]

    Bug Updates -"x" Amount For Bank Fixed -Black Jframe Links Fixed -Broken Jframe Links Fixed -Overloads Not Working In Dungeoneering Fixed -Safespotting Revs Fixed Client Updates -Screenshot Button Sends A Message With The Location Skilling Updates -Dialogue Box Added To Invite Players To Dungeoneering -Thieving Messages Added To ::filter NPC Updates -Punch Animation Added To Ironman Thief -Abyssal Sire Message Added To ::filter Miscellaneous Updates -Added Support For Noted Items To Well Of Goodwill -Added Support For Noted Items To Well Of Wealth
  12. Server Updates [2/14/2018]

    Miscellaneous Updates -Player Panel Refreshes Every 45 Seconds -Messaged Added When Removing Player Title -Player Title Updates Instantly Without Logging Out -::Prayers Not Updating Without Logout Fixed -Saradomin Brews Are Decantable -Overloads Are Decantable Bug Updates -Wildywyrm Teleporting Player When It Isn't Spawned Fixed -Item Forging Showing Wrong Names Fixed -GemBag Holding More Than Gem Bag Upgrade Fixed -Exit Button For Rare Drop Log Fixed -Pet Frost Dragon Being Untradable Fixed -Mining And Woodcutting Cape Perks Fixed Skilling Updates -Rune/Pure Essence No Longer Give Skill Points From Mining Highscores Updates -Highscores Orders By Total Level Then Total XP -Highscores Showing Negative XP After 200m Fixed Client Updates -Jframe Added NPC Updates -Staff Boss Drops Nerfed -Iron Dragons Drop Dragon Scimitars Less Commonly -Pk Point Shop Re-Named Blood Money Shop -Right Click For Blood Money Store Added -Summoning Titans Buffed Item Updates -Gem Bag Holds 20 Of Each Gem -Gem Bag Upgrade Holds 20 Of Each Gem -Both Gem Bags Support Dragonstones And Onyx -Gem Bag Automatically Adds Gems That You Get From Mining -Primal Gloves Buffed Donator Updates -Noted Iron Ore Added To DZ1 Shop Updates -Flameburst Defender Removed From Dungeoneering Shop Minigame Updates -If You Have 250m Combat Experience Then The Warriors Guild Is Free
  13. Server Updates [2/12/2018]

    Bug Updates -::filter Not Saving On Logout Fixed -Resetting Loyalty Title From Sir Vyvin Fixed -Not Being Able To Pickpocket Gem Trader At Regular Donator Fixed -Profiles Views Increasing By Amount Of Players Online Fixed -Cannon Taking More Cannonballs That Necessary Fixed Client Updates -x10 Hits Disabled For New Players, Option Still Available To Change -fps Command Now Shows Ping (Slight Lag While It Pings) Skilling Updates -Thieving Changed To Current Level Instead Of Max Level -Extreme Potions XP Raised -Rune Bars Require 6 Coal To Make -Adamant Bars Require 4 Coal To Make -Mithril Bars Require 2 Coal To Make -Mining Gives Slightly Faster XP -Smelting Bars Gives Slightly More XP -Smithing Equipment Gives Slightly More XP -Farming Cape Gives More XP -The Evil Tree Has A 1/50 Chance To Hit You For Damage Donator Updates -All Donators Can Use Kingly Implings In The Donator Zone -Noted Runite Bar Ore Rock Respawns Faster Item Updates -Row (i) Is Untradable -Primal Gloves Are Untradable -Primal Boots Are Untradable Miscellaenous Updates -Message Confirming Ghost Town Wilderness Removed -Search Button Added For Drop Table Checker -Evil Tree Spawns Less Often NPC Updates -Ecumenical Keys Drop More Commonly From GWD -Uncle Vlad Teleport Location Changed -Uncle Vlad Drops Buffed -Cannonballs Added To Ironman Thief Drop Table -NPC Added To Home To Teleport To Wildywyrm
  14. Server Updates [2/11/2018]

    Client Updates -Meth Stall Removed From Dz2 Donator Updates -Bonfire Added To ::dz1 Next To Bank Miscellaneous Updates -Global Message Sent For Forging Items Ironman Updates -Donators Can Use Potion Store Skilling Updates -Boosting Allowed For Firemaking Bug Updates -Well Of Wealth Replacting Well Of Goodwill In Player Panel Fixed -Old Donator Ranks Showing For Dungeoneering Fixed -Not Being Able To Click The Last 3 Buttons In The Drop Table Interface Fixed -Rare Drops From Staff Bosses Showing Bugged Chat Fixed Item Updates -Elder Maul Examine Changed -Complex Key Is Untradable Shop Updates -Zamorak Potion Added To Consumables Store