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  2. My staff app :D

    Support this app. Qe has a continual play time and is a great contributor to our game.
  3. Dab's staff application

    Thanks for submitting the application. I'd personally love to see you on the team and given your timezone would be a great fit. Support.
  4. My staff app :D

    Thanks Dab means a lot and yeah i understand my app wasn't the best but i tried aha :')
  5. Hi! First of all, sorry for not sticking with the exact template. I feel like the over-sized font is really distracting. The questions are still exactly the same though. I also want to add I've applied before but withdrew voluntarily on the old forums. I don't really like to go in-detail to much in this application because I think most staff has seen me around on the server itself and have a pretty good idea whether I should be a good addition to the staff or not. In-Game Username: Dab, Iron Dab, Whoop Age: 21 Country & Timezone: The Netherlands, +1 GMT Average Time Played Per Day: 6 hours. - I know it says average but I still want to add this: I usually am online on monday for about 14 hours, on other days like Wednesday and Friday I'm usually online for a few hours. What days of the week can you play: All of them. I play the most on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. When did you join Artex?: To be honest, I'm not really sure anymore. I'm pretty sure it's about a month ago though, when Artexv2 was just released. Have you had any breaks from Artex: I've had a day where I didn't play a lot for a few days. In that period I didn't really quit and still hopped on every day. The reason being was that I was stupid enough to stake away my twisted bow What is your previous experiences as a staff member online: I have quite a bit of experience being staff on other private servers. Just not really on any Runescape private server. I've tried to develop my own private server a few years back. Even though I totally got it working and stuff I never really put it online because I wasn't a good enough coder to make actual custom content back then. Other than that I've been staff on quite a few Maplestory private servers (also hosted my own server) and lots of Minecraft servers (where I've also ran my own server with a decent player base). Why do you want to be a ArtexV2 Staff member? (200 Word MIN.) So people wouldn't hesitate to ask me stuff for help. I'm usually a very helpful person but if people see I'm not staff they'd rather wait until a staff member is online to help them. To be honest, I think that's what most people put in their staff applications, to "help the community". Even though that's a very good reason, I'd also love to actually help out with the server itself in some ways. I have quite a bit of suggestions/things that'd be beneficial in the server. If I can just be part of the team to voice my opinion more that'd be enough, I'd also love to actually help out with the (website) development if people will let me. I know it says 200 words minimum but I think that a minimum word count to a reason should be removed/lowered. Sure, I can write a whole paragraph about how the community affects me, how much I love this server and such but this wouldn't actually add something valuable to the question itself. So I'll leave it at this :). What are the Top 5 Qualities a staff member should have?: -Loyal > Even when people are quitting or playing less, you as a staff member should still be there to help out the community and potential newcomers who will stick around. -Be nice > Your staff is the impression of the server. When people just joined they'll (unconsciously) decide whether a server is worth sticking around or not. If staff is acting unprofessional or just acting like a douche in game that would definitely stop people from playing and will create a toxic community. -Active > This might even be the most important one. As a staff member you're likely to stand out of the rest. If people see some similar faces around in-game to ask their questions to that's something good. If you see staff members hopping on like once a week you're likely to think "Mhmm, this server is dying out" or "Mhmm, this server has shitty staff". -Problem solver > I shouldn't really be saying why. To solve problems between people or other problems that might occur. -Helpful > So people actually feel like the staff on the server know what they are doing and they can be helped out with problems/questions they might have. Have you ever been punished on Artex?: No If yes to the above question why and when? - If you received this rank would you devote hours to playing?: Absolutely. Just not more hours then I currently play on the server. Which is still quite a bit of hours. What would you do if someone was spamming?: First tell them to stop spamming. If they don't stop their self, mute them for a few minutes just as a warning. After that, mute them again and again but every time a little bit longer. What would you do if someone was Flaming?: Tell them to stop immediately and probably instantly mute them based on what they've said exactly. What would you do if someone was being rude on the Forums?: Depends on the actual comment itself. Criticism is not that bad in most cases as long you keep it civilized. If it's straight out cursing at other people without any added factor to the message itself I would simply delete the message, post the message in the staff discord so the forum admins can decide whether to ban the person and tell the person to stop this kind of behavior. What would you do if you were informed or found out about duped items? This is a tricky one. Of all the things people can do, duping is probably the thing that can destroy servers the most. I would do anything I can do in this situation. Meaning I'd instantly tell someone higher up if I get a helper rank since I'm probably not able to stop it myself with the commands coming with this rank. I think I wouldn't even be able to solve a issue like this. I can tell people to stop duping but obviously that wouldn't help much. In my opinion the only way to solve this issue is destroying all the duped items in game and patch the dupe itself (if possible). If there's no way of tracking what items are duped or not a rollback would be the only solution. (which again, is something I probably can't do by getting a helper rank) What would you do if someone was selling items in the Help Clan Chat?: Nothing actually. I feel like you can say you're buying/selling stuff in the Clan chat as long as you don't keep repeating it or spam in there.
  6. My staff app :D

    Heya Qe! I've spoken a lot with you on the server today and you seem like a very nice person in general. Even though I have to admit the application itself is lacking in certain points (not using a lot of words, but writing words so you have more text isn't good either) I still think you will be a very good choice for staff! The best of luck man, you got my +1.
  7. Donation Benefits

    Gonna rewrite it soon:)
  8. My staff app :D

    In-Game Username: Qe Age: 19 Country & Timezone: Australia timezone AEST Average Time Played Per Day: 6-11 hours What days of the week can you play: all days of the week When did you join Artex?: Wednesday 10th 2018 Have you had any breaks from Artex: Nope What is your previous experiences as a staff member online: ive been an helper/mod on other severs Why do you want to be a ArtexV2 Staff member? (200 Words MIN.) well for starters ill be spending most of my hours on the sever so ill be able to help anyone as best as i can and helping people is just something i find fun and enjoyable. and i understand this isnt 200 words min im sorry im bad with words What are the Top 5 Qualities a staff member should have?: Honesty passionate helpful loyalty be calm Have you ever been punished on Artex?: no i havent If yes to the above question why and when? If you received this rank would you devote hours to playing?: its all i'd be doing What would you do if someone was spamming?: ask them to stop nicely if they continue after 1-3 warnings mute for 10-30 minutes What would you do if someone was Flaming?: ask them to calm down and resolve it in a calm matter What would you do if someone was being rude on the Forums?: first i'd read why the reason theyre being rude then talk to them and try and calm them down if it doesnt work inform forum staff What would you do if you were informed or found out about duped items? i'd send it to higher ups and ask for the items and empty them to take them out of the game if allowed by higher ups What would you do if someone was selling items in the Help Clan Chat?: as long its not spammed and get out of control its okay
  9. update the ::store

    I think adding the ranks bronze/silver/gold/platinum/diamond and their benefits onto the store to help people a bit more
  10. Donation Benefits

    Please update/rewrite this article completely as it's probably one of the most important articles on the forums and very misleading right now.
  11. Few Things

    1. Mother Load mine would be a great thing to add in game. 2. Skill cape perks. 3. custom pets for fletching, fire making, smithing, construction would be fun. 4. Custom cape showing, u have max cape in all skills (optional) 5. Skill caskets, with these they can be obtain during skilling, where u get a chance of it dropping from wc, fishing,mining,cooking, skills. and in these caskets can be cash rewards, or extra supplies. 6. ironman zone where ironman can go and hang out and have there own personal shops, and skill training.(optional)
  12. 1B Capes Poll

    Good point, I think it's a fair way to balance both celebrating a milestone and creating more incentive to continue.
  13. 1B Capes Poll

    I would honestly like to see 500m capes and not 1b, once you get 1b its kinda pointless to have a cape with benefits since theres no real reason to do anymore to that skill.
  14. 1B Capes Poll

    I would love to bring this poll up again and get some further input as I think they're a great idea.
  15. The format is pretty simple, take a screenshot of your player panel including your username, rank, and amount donated. Example:
  16. Artex V2 Wikipedia

    Great idea, with some help and a few submissions this could become an ultra-useful resource for the home page potentially.
  17. It's honestly been a while since I've been in the RSPS scene maybe over a year but I believe the largest server I was an admin on was around 80 players not very huge. As far as connections and attributes go for helping the community. I know a lot of people throughout the RSPS industry even to this day. Many people that I can go to and get advice from and perhaps even ideas an supplies to better Artex itself. But overall It's really my drive that I think in the end stands me out from most. I have a really big passion for this server an i'll stop at nothing to better it no matter what position I am or role.
  18. I am well aware of how the role of CM works. However I am unsure you have the adequate connections in order to fulfill said role successfully. Whati s the largest server you have been an administrator for? I have been managing/running servers since 2010. I have seen many servers thrive and many fail. Eventually they all die out at one point or another. What can you bring to the table as far as connections and attributes that will truly bring in new players and grow the community efficiently?
  19. As I've said I have owned an developed my own server but that is not what i'd be doing in this role. I'd be managing the community and helping it gain players while keeping the current playerbase satisfied. I've had this type of role before as well as admin etc. on quite a few servers.
  20. Pretty well-written. But what experience do you have in running a server?
  21. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone involved in Artex from the hard work that Oaky and Goody put in almost everyday to bringing updates and fixes to the server they truly are great guys and owners. Also, I would like to thank the great staff team that is currently employed on Artex they are good set of guys an have been doing a great job lately.. Keep it up we appreciate you. And lastly I wanna thank all of you the players you guys are basically the only reason all of this is possible an you guys are all unique an amazing. Hope you all have a good day! ~Tayy
  22. In-Game Username: Tayy Age: 19 Country & Timezone: United States of America / PST Average Time Played Per Day: 10 Hours What days of the week can you play: Everyday When did you join Artex?: ArtexV2 Launch Have you had any breaks from Artex: No What is your previous experiences as a staff member online: I've owned one server that I had for around 4 months but didn't have time back then so stopped it. Maxed out at around 20 players. I've been administrator, moderator and support on a vast list of servers. Why do you want to be a ArtexV2 Staff member? (200 Word MIN.) This community, game and it's players have a deep meaning to me and if you asked me why I wouldn't even be able to tell you. But I have a deep passion for this server an I wanna be here when it becomes a top tier server. Because I know that it is possible for this server to be a top tier server. We are a ways down the road but I believe I can be a very helpful aspect to helping it grow and keep stable. As community manager I would do many things in and out of the game. I'd manage social media accounts for Artex as a form of advertisement, I would keep the forums frequently updated with update logs, polls, guides, info and etc. In the game I would make sure everyones time at Artex is above satisfactory an when it isn't I would resolve it while writing it down as a note what is needed to be improved upon or fixed. I would organize and hold bigger events for the community while constantly coming up with ideas for new ones. Above all I believe i'm the person for this as I have such a passion for the community and the server. I'm unhappy with the current state of the server because I know it can and will be so much more. Although I would also never be happy because there is always better. What are the Top 5 Qualities a staff member should have?: - Organized - Manners - Unbiased - Loyalty - Mature Have you ever been punished on Artex?: Yes If yes to the above question why and when? There has been various times where I've been muted for 30 minutes there was a time when I was being a bit of a troll though I am realizing I have a lot more pleasure in being professional and helping the server. If you received this rank would you devote hours to playing?: As many as possible This server is what I do an it's what I like to do. This community is what I help and it's what I like to help. If the decision on this application was a yes there would be results almost immediately. ~Tayy
  23. Artex V2 Wikipedia

    Artex Wiki Recently I've created a Artex Wiki though it is by no means a finished thing as I will always be updating it and adding to it. If you come up with any ideas or want to know more about something just let me know and i'll help you out as well as add it too the wiki. Click on "Artex Wiki" To view it. ~Tayy
  24. Locked due to inactivity and date posted. However I've added it to the staff suggestions list. Thank you
  25. Possible merge?

    Locked thread due to inactivity and subject.. Keeping for historical purposes.
  26. Vote Tickets

    Will add this to the other suggestions, Thank you
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